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The Sports Report welcomes new recruit

She's finally here!

We're so happy and grateful to announce that our little girl, Ellie Marge Newberry, was born Saturday, Feb. 11.

It's crazy to think it's been a week already since we brought her home. They aren't lying when they tell you time goes by fast. Every day this week Chance and I have talked about how much her hair is growing. I'm sure won't be long until the rest of her body starts catching up.

Ellie loves lifting her head and looking around. I'm not sure if she can actually see much, but she tries. I think she looks like a little turtle poking its head out of its shell when she lifts her head while swaddled.

She also has great grip strength. It's adorable to see her wrap her hand around my finger.

Even her legs are strong. Sometimes she tries to push off of my lap, sort of like bouncing, when I hold her up.

Listen to me. I'm already becoming the overly proud mom who thinks her kid's the best athlete. I told myself I would never do that, but here we are. I'm just so impressed.

And while she is adorable, she's not the greatest assistant. She has fallen asleep in the middle of both of the livestream games we've watched this week. But who can blame her? Tipoff is way past her bedtime.

So yeah, that's the latest around here. I've been trying to keep up on all of the happenings in Blue Water Area sports—like Algonac winning its first regional wrestling title and North Branch's girls basketball team clinching the BWAC title—but for the most part, this week has been all about little Ellie Marge and I am enjoying all the snuggles I can get.

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