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Calli’s Corner: Staying started

This biweekly column features life lessons and fresh perspectives on local sports from The Sports Report’s Calli Newberry.

They always say getting started is the hardest part. I think staying started is even harder. 

I remember when I first started running again after college. After years of having a consistent training plan, I took some time off so I was excited to get back at it. Getting out the door and on the road was never the hard part. It felt great and I was glad to be back to doing something I enjoyed. 

It didn’t take me long to realize, however, that running is a lot more enjoyable when you’re in shape. More often than not, I started to tire five minutes down the road, which is not ideal when you’re trying to run at least three miles. 

Sometimes I’d just turn around and call it a day. “Ten minutes of running is better than nothing,” I’d say. 

Other times I was able to convince myself, “Just make it to the two mile mark, you’ll feel better by then.” And on those days I was able to make it to the two mile mark, I usually felt good enough to keep going and I was glad I did. I just had to keep at it long enough to get over the early-run fatigue and settle into a rhythm. 

It’s similar to forming a new habit. Some say it takes 21 days, others say it takes two months. Regardless, it takes time. But once you stick with it, whatever it is, it becomes so much easier, and even enjoyable. 

But that’s the thing, getting to the two mile mark – or that 21 days – can feel like a workout in itself. It’s hard to get there sometimes. 

The beginning, however, is the fun part. It’s even a little exciting. It’s new. You have ambition and fresh energy. But once that excitement and adrenaline wears off, it can be much harder to stay on pace. 

You get tired, distractions come up, problems have to be solved, and doubt creeps in. There’s never a shortage of discouragement. But that makes the reward of finishing whatever you set out to do all the more meaningful. 

Whether you’re just starting a workout or a new habit, or even a new job or a new school, consider this your encouragement to just keep pushing a little bit further. The two mile mark will be coming up soon. Just stick with it, you’ll be glad you did. 


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