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Calli's Corner: Early-season attempts

This biweekly column features life lessons and fresh perspectives on local sports from The Sports Report’s Calli Newberry.

So I brought Ellie to her first baseball game this week. It did not go well.

By the time my mom and I got out of the car and to the field, we were both covered in spit-up and the second inning was almost over. By the fourth inning, my mom had to take Ellie back to the car and soon after, I had to join them.

On the way home, my mom said it might be easier if I just leave Ellie at home with her next time…She’s probably right.

As I drove home, I was feeling discouraged, thinking that this is never going to work. I had a vision of bringing Ellie along with me wherever I went. I’d get her some cute Sports Report onesies and maybe a little hat and she’d just sit with my mom and watch the games.

I realize now those are some pretty high expectations for a two-month-old.

Plus, that was only our first attempt. She won’t always be spitting up all over and I won’t always need to be near her. Things will get better. But Friday night, I was not that optimistic.

Trying to encourage myself, I thought about my first time trying hurdles when seventh-grade Calli bravely took to the grassy football field and sprinted full speed ahead toward the hurdle.

That did not go well either.

I did a strange sort of front flip as my foot caught the crossbar. I hurt my ankle and my mom had to carry me from the track to the car.

And then there was our first scrimmage of the season at Port Huron Northern my freshman year. During warm-ups I fell and skinned my knee. Thankfully I was fine, however, it was very embarrassing and confidence-shaking.

Oh, and we can't forget about my first college hurdle race when the only reason I didn't come in last was because another girl in a different heat fell.

Early-season attempts don’t always go well, mine sure didn’t. But I was able to put them behind me and learn. I even went on to set school records. You never know what can happen if you just keep trying.

That’s what Friday's baseball game was: a first attempt. It might not have gone well, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it will always be. My mom won’t always be carrying one us of back to the car crying.

It might already be the middle of April, and maybe you haven’t started off as well as you had hoped, but it’s still early in the season for a lot of sports.

Maybe you haven’t made it through a full game on the mound, maybe you fell on your face during a warm-up. Maybe your batting average is well below your standards, or maybe you’re feeling discouraged as you guard your team’s goal.

Whatever isn’t going your way and whatever expectations haven’t been met, just remember, these are still early-season attempts. Things can get better.


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