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Voting is open until Thursday, June 1.
Cast your nominations for week four below!

Baseball Player of the Week Nominees: 
Jordan Russell, Marysville:
Jordan led his team to a victory on the mound with a 46-pitch, one-hit complete game with 11 strikeouts.
Seth Brown, Port Huron TWP: Seth is one point every game as catcher, making sure he's not only making the stop, but also has managing tag outs. He stepped up at bat this week as well with several RBI. 
Lane Kaltz, St. Clair: Lane hit his very first home run this year and then hit another home run in the very next game. He batted 1.000 in that tournament. He also pitched a near perfect game during his four innings at the mound against some very tough competition.
Brycen Borowski, Port Huron TWP: Brycen hit his first home run and was so excited and focused as he smiled the whole way to home plate. As the smallest guy on the team, he has the biggest heart and drive of them all.
Ryder Lynch, Fort Gratiot: Ryder has been working hard to improve his skills in the field and at bat and it's paying off as he hit a triple and a double in his last game.

Softball Player of the Week Nominees:
Bernie Keegan, RichmondBernie had a phenomenal weekend at the plate going 9-for-10 with a key grand slam in the championship game. Bernie steps up each and every at bat knowing she’s got a job to do, and she’s proven every time she can do it.
Lola Smith, Marysville: Lola has been a great team leader this season, taking many of the first year machine pitch girls under her wing. She’s always starting the team cheers when her teammates are up to bat. She’s been working really hard on her hitting this season and loves playing catcher.
Alayna Stiles, Fort Gratiot: Alayna gives her all at every game, no matter what position she plays and cheers her teammates on along the way. Alayna has put in a lot of hard work and focus to learn her new position as a pitcher, which she proves on the mound how hard her dedication has paid off.
Alyssa Shreve, Richmond: Alyssa has been solid behind the plate for the Lady Demons. She had a helmet-flipping foul ball catch during their first outdoor tournament game. Not only did she catch one foul ball behind the plate, she had a second catch behind the plate in foul territory. She also dove and tagged a girl out at home, apologizing in case she hurt her.

Sportsmanship Moment of the Week Nominees: 
Avery Cobb, Marysville:
Avery was very scared to be the catcher but she over came her fear and is showing great sportsmanship and courage.
Jack Clark, Port Huron TWP: Jack is the youngest player on our team. He’s always smiling, always trying, always learning. He's early to every game and every practice. He gives his all every time and is always cheering on his teammates.
Aeva Gobeyn, Fort Gratiot: Aeva is the youngest on the team but isn’t afraid to step up with an encouraging word whenever a teammate strikes out. Aeva always has a smile on her face, and is always seen cheering her team on.
Savanna, Port Huron TWP: Savanna is willing to step in and play wherever she's needed. She plays on an all-boys team and also fills in on a minor team when they're short-handed and has shown great improvement along the way.


Cast your nomination!

Each week The Sports Report will be announcing three award winners:

  • Baseball Player of the Week

  • Softball Player of the Week

  • Sportsmanship Moment of the Week

Voting for Week 4 will begin Monday, June 5.

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